About us

Welcome to Thai Hoa Mui Ne Resort

The sea … The sand … The wind … The sun … The green … The human … All contributed to create a Thai Hoa Mui Ne Resort poetic, romantic and has bold imprint of a sea resort in the Central infamous hearts.
In front of the resort, the sandy road is peacefully peaceful in the warm air of Phan Thiet, leading the way to Thai Hoa Mui Ne Resort. Behind the resort, the blue sea still sings day by day.

In the rythm, there is a wave when the roaring fun, when loud rumbling. The lullaby has a strong salty breath, the cool breeze in the blue has been blowing into the peaceful sleep of the indigenous people, like a blue sky that only seems immense and sunny sand, cooling once again, the sky seemed like a tan dying on the skin, silencing a scene of life that seemed only wild and fantastic.

Thai Hoa Mui Ne Resort with shady trees, with colorful flowers on the white sand land, with shading coconut trees as covering up all the Thai Hoa Mui Ne Resort. They have contributed to create a Mui Ne sea tourism center well-known in and out of the country.

In the true meaning of Logo, you will see a deep hidden peace to pure: image of green coconut trees shaded with flying kites are imprinted under the gentle moonlight. Next to it is the image of bird wings preparing to land down cool coconut tree, all images that make us think of a quiet peaceful countryside , peaceful land attracts birds, nice and properous.

Thai Hoa – This is the right place for you to have a vacation to shake off all busy work in daily life.

Thai Hoa Mui Ne Resort is located at Mui Ne beach, at 56 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet City. It is a wonderful beach resort with reasonable prices and beautiful natural surroundings. Tourists will have a peaceful, unobstructed holiday.